Monthly Archives: March 2014

North Korea is at it again…

It looks like the North Koreans are up to their old tricks again.  They’ve fired live artillery shells into disputed waters off the west coast of the Koreas south of a sea boundary; South Korea claims those waters, and so does the North.  South Korean Marines responded by firing three hundred shells across the boundary […]

Why I’ve decided to see the movie Noah

Some months ago while Skyping with friends that live  too far away to visit easily, I was told about the film Gravity.  I decided it was one I had to see on the big screen.  It’s perfectly fine for a movie buff like myself to wait for certain titles to be released on DVD, but some […]

Barack Obama, the great American embarrassment

President Barack Obama is, quite frankly, an embarrassment to the majority of Americans.  I would be wrong if I said he was an embarrassment to all Americans, although I should be able to say it, but remember, there are those who remain diehard supporters of Obama no matter what he says or does.  At times I wonder […]

More police are refusing to enforce restrictive gun laws

On March 4, voters in Burlington, Vermont passed three new ordinances that have gun owners up in arms, no pun intended.  The first gives police the authorization to seize a firearm from anyone involved in a domestic dispute involving abuse.  The second makes it illegal to carry a firearm into a bar or restaurant that […]

Malaysian Flight MH-370

Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak announced today that Flight MH-370 was lost in the southern Indian Ocean with no survivors.  He said, “This evening I was briefed by representatives from the UK Air Accidents Investigation Branch, or AAIB.  They informed me that Inmarsat, the UK company that provided the satellite data which indicated the northern […]

The Mars One Project

When I was a kid back in the sixties, it only took watching a couple of episodes of Lost in Space to get my attention.  I remember it aired each Wednesday night at 7:30 and you can be sure I was in place and ready for it to come on the television.  With the debut […]

Look out, Washington! There’s a new party in town and they mean business. I think. Don’t they?

It seems there’s a new political party recently formed in the United States, the Veterans’ Party of America.  I was browsing Facebook, and noticed that a friend had “liked” them.  Seeing how my Facebook friend is pretty rock solid and sensible about what she likes and posts about, I had a look at their page.  […]

Things I didn’t know about George Washington

Although I hadn’t originally intended to do so, it’s probably fitting that my first blog post should be about our first president.  The late newspaper columnist for the Chicago Sun-Times, Sydney Harris, frequently wrote about “Things I Learned En Route to Looking Up Other Things.”  Although that’s exactly how this came about, I won’t steal […]