Barack Obama, the great American embarrassment

President Barack Obama is, quite frankly, an embarrassment to the majority of Americans.  I would be wrong if I said he was an embarrassment to all Americans, although I should be able to say it, but remember, there are those who remain diehard supporters of Obama no matter what he says or does.  At times I wonder if it’s not so much that they agree with his political views or policies as it is that, simply put, they have a crush on the man.  After all, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews does.  Remember several years ago when he not only admitted, but practically gushed about how when he heard Obama speak, he felt a thrill go up his leg?

But why is Barack Obama an embarrassment?  Simple – he obviously doesn’t often think about what he’s saying before he speaks.  Or maybe he does and says  what he wants anyway.  It’s not only noticed by more and more Americans, but also by people around the world.  We all remember his comment about having been to all 57 states, but as you can see in the following YouTube video clip, he should also realize that every official act he performs as president is on television, and when he makes comments that are insincere, repetitive, and disingenuous, he not only doesn’t represent us in a favorable way, it also makes it easy to put together a collection of those moments to illustrate clearly just how little sincerity there is in him.  Simply put, he says what he thinks will go well at the moment, even if it contradicts something he may have said a week ago.  Have a look at this excerpt from Danish television:

The Danes sure aren’t impressed with him, but then neither are many from Britain or, as far as I can tell, the rest of Europe.  Not to mention Israel.  The Israelis haven’t been fond of him from day one, and that’s putting it mildly.  If you get past the flowery words that are de rigueur in meetings between heads of state, you can see by the mannerisms, facial expressions, and body language that Obama loathes Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.  Netanyahu, I’m sure, must feel the same, but being the elegant statesman he is, acts graciously toward his immature counterpart.

And what about the Russians?  Vladimir Putin is a former KGB officer, and he doesn’t have time for nonsense, whereas Barack Obama is nonsense personified.  If I had to give it my best guess, Putin probably doesn’t feel in the least worried about or threatened by Obama, because Obama has an inflated sense of himself, no real world experience to draw upon that could have prepared him for the presidency  (and we all know the presidency is not the place for on-the-job training), and has been consistently gutting our military capability.  In other words, Barack Obama is not exactly who I feel comfortable with to represent the US in light of current events in Crimea.  And Putin will exploit Obama’s naivety.

But the real problem is that he seems to live in a fantasy world of his own making where he is loved and adored throughout the world; full of advice and sage wisdom to impart to lesser individuals around the globe.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

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