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Army To Replace 9mm Pistol

The Army is looking for a replacement for the Beretta M9 and Sig Sauer M11 pistols currently in use.  According to Army officials, the pistols issued to soldiers now are roughly 30 years old, many have seen much use, and they’re looking to replace them with a harder hitting round than the 9mm provides.  Furthermore, […]

Israel Knows What To Do – So Get Off Their Back!

You’ve got to hand it to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israel Defense Forces, and for that matter, Israel as a whole.  Their resolve to defend themselves in the face of continual rocket attacks by terrorist group Hamas is admirable and courageous, especially when you remember that the ever-worthless United Nations and many of […]

NASA’s New Horizons Spacecraft Getting Closer to Pluto

  The morning of January 19th, 2006 started much like any other morning; I had my coffee, read the newspaper, then browsed the internet to see what was new in the world.  As soon as I noticed a small news item announcing the launch of the New Horizons mission that morning, I clicked the link […]

Happy 4th of July!

  Happy Birthday, America!  Today, the United States of America is 238 years old.  When we think back to the times of the Revolutionary War against Great Britain, all we know is what was written in the history books we all had to study while still in school.  Some of us have taken the time […]