James Foley Killer Identified – SAS Gets Moving


British intelligence services MI5 and MI6 have identified the masked terrorist with the British accent who brutally murdered James Foley last week as Abdel-Majed Abdel Bary, 23, of a well-to-do west London suburb.  Bary was formerly a rapper who reportedly received a fair amount of airplay on BBC Radio One under the name of L Jinny.


Bary is one of the three “Beatles”, as former hostages called them – so named because of their British accents.  Bary was the one known as John, or Jihadi John, while the other two were nicknamed George and Ringo.  He was identified by a team of experts using voice recognition technology to match the voice on his rap videos to that of the killer’s voice on the beheading video.

In addition, Eliot Higgins, a video and photo analyst from Leicester, UK, believes he has determined the exact location where the killing took place by blacking out the images on a still taken from the video, studying the topographical features, and comparing them to aerial photography.  He has pinpointed the location to an area of raised ground just south of Raqqa, in northern Syria.

Bary is in an unenviable postion, because now that his identity is known, as well as the location of the beheading, the British government has deployed a team of Special Air Service (SAS) commandos to find not only him, but the other two “Beatles”, and any western hostages; it is believed they are being held in Raqqa.

The SAS is arguably the toughest, most determined, and most highly trained elite force in the world.  I wish them complete success.  Go get him, lads.








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