Texas High School Running Back Says It All


Although I’ve never written about sports, much less at the high school level, I have nothing short of three cheers for Apollos Hester, a Texas high school football running back who was quite pumped up after Friday’s game.  His team, the East View Patriots, had been trailing the Vandegrift Vipers during the first half of the game, but eventually came back to win late in the second half by a score of 42-41.

Attitude, as they say, is everything.  After the game, he was interviewed by Lauren Mickler, of TCM News in Austin, Texas.  What he had to say is nothing short of an inspiration – not only to others his age, but to all of us.

In addition, his interview has been turned into a music video.  Yes, that quickly, because it’s only been a few days since Friday night’s game against the Vipers.  I found this to be enjoyable as well as making me laugh at times, particularly watching the reporter’s head bobbing along with the music.  And besides that, it’s just fun to watch.  I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did.


  1. Indeed he is, Steph. Would that more young people had his outlook and attitude.


  2. What an inspirational young man!

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