Monthly Archives: November 2014

Matthew Miller Revisited: Still a Strange Case

It seems our old friend, the ever-enigmatic Matthew Miller, made minor news again last week when, from the safety of U.S. soil, he declared he would rather have stayed in North Korea.  Miller was released by the North Koreans November 8th along with fellow American Kenneth Bae, and both of them were brought back to […]

On This Day: A Look Back at the Kennedy Assassination

Occasionally there are times something will happen that is so sudden and unexpected that it’s forever ingrained in our memories where we were and what we were doing at the time.  Such was the case on Friday, November 22, 1963.  I’ll guarantee you that anyone old enough to remember the assassination of President John F. […]

Rosetta Spacecraft Prepares to Send Lander to Comet

Early tomorrow morning, a spacecraft that was launched more than ten years ago will, with any luck, achieve the first landing on a comet.  The European Space Agency’s Rosetta spacecraft was launched in March 2004, and has had a long journey.  During several orbits around the sun, Rosetta has completed four slingshot maneuvers to boost […]

What Will Election Day Bring?

Election day is finally here, and I’m glad to see it come around.  The congressional races will be decided today, and we’ll presumably know later this evening – or by tomorrow, anyway – just how everything shakes out. The White House obviously isn’t optimistic about how the day’s voting will go.  White House Press Secretary […]