What Will Election Day Bring?

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest

Election day is finally here, and I’m glad to see it come around.  The congressional races will be decided today, and we’ll presumably know later this evening – or by tomorrow, anyway – just how everything shakes out.

The White House obviously isn’t optimistic about how the day’s voting will go.  White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said yesterday that “It would not be wise to draw as broad a conclusion about the outcome of this election as you would from a national presidential election.”

On the other hand, Vice President Joe Biden took the opposite point of view, saying, “I predict we’re gonna keep the senate,” adding that “we’re ready to compromise.  I think they’re gonna be inclined because the message from the people, and I’m getting it all over the country, is they’re tired of Washington not being able to do anything.”

Meanwhile, I’ve been seeing a lot of tweets from optimistic conservatives that think the Senate will change over to a Republican majority when the day’s voting is done.  That optimism, in many cases, is tempered with warnings to the candidates that they had better get busy if they win.  Yes indeed, they’d better get busy… if they win, because they will likely not last beyond this term if they don’t.  If they win, it will be because enough people got fed up with the Dems and turned out in large enough numbers to win back the Senate.  Those voters will be expecting something to happen, and will not be kind to the Republicans next election if they don’t act like they’re in charge.  Conservative voters don’t want their candidate to get to Washington only to reach across the aisle in a spirit of compromise; they want to see Republicans stop Barack Obama in his tracks so we can get this country back to some semblance of normalcy.

I can’t honestly say I have any predictions at all, one way or the other.  I gave up on predicting the outcome of any election in 2012, when I was one hundred percent certain the American people had seen Obama for what he is and would oust him from the White House.  I watched in dismay and complete amazement as I was proven wrong.  The only thing I learned from that election is that American voters are a fickle and unpredictable lot, and nothing is certain until the votes have all been counted.

I sincerely hope the Republicans will take the Senate, because it’s crucial to this country that they do.  I’m not holding my breath, though.  Let’s just say I’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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