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What Will Election Day Bring?

Election day is finally here, and I’m glad to see it come around.  The congressional races will be decided today, and we’ll presumably know later this evening – or by tomorrow, anyway – just how everything shakes out. The White House obviously isn’t optimistic about how the day’s voting will go.  White House Press Secretary […]

Is Obama’s (Freudian) Slip Showing?

In the recent CBS 60 Minutes interview with Steve Kroft, Obama must have dropped his guard momentarily.  I’m sure he would have rephrased what he said if he had given any thought as to how it sounded.  The worrisome thing is that from all indications from his past actions, he said what he really meant to […]

Want to Book Hillary Clinton for a Speech? Be Well-Heeled

  We’ve all heard the stories about rock stars and their outlandish demands for certain “requirements” backstage at their concerts.  Who can forget Van Halen and their fondness for M&M’s?  Their demand for a huge bowl of M&M’s with all the brown ones removed seems tame by comparison with some of today’s stars.     […]

Barack Obama, the great American embarrassment

President Barack Obama is, quite frankly, an embarrassment to the majority of Americans.  I would be wrong if I said he was an embarrassment to all Americans, although I should be able to say it, but remember, there are those who remain diehard supporters of Obama no matter what he says or does.  At times I wonder […]

Look out, Washington! There’s a new party in town and they mean business. I think. Don’t they?

It seems there’s a new political party recently formed in the United States, the Veterans’ Party of America.  I was browsing Facebook, and noticed that a friend had “liked” them.  Seeing how my Facebook friend is pretty rock solid and sensible about what she likes and posts about, I had a look at their page.  […]