In the recent CBS 60 Minutes interview with Steve Kroft, Obama must have dropped his guard momentarily.  I’m sure he would have rephrased what he said if he had given any thought as to how it sounded.  The worrisome thing is that from all indications from his past actions, he said what he really meant to […]

I’m not really sure what was going through Charlo Greene’s mind when she suddenly quit her job as a TV reporter for KTVA in Anchorage, Alaska.  Well, okay, she’s all for legalizing marijuana, and she’s also the president and CEO of the Alaska Cannabis Club, which is promoting the passage of Ballot Measure 2, a […]

Although I’ve never written about sports, much less at the high school level, I have nothing short of three cheers for Apollos Hester, a Texas high school football running back who was quite pumped up after Friday’s game.  His team, the East View Patriots, had been trailing the Vandegrift Vipers during the first half of […]

By now, many of us have seen the short video clip of President Obama raising his coffee cup in return to the Marines’ salutes at the steps of the Marine One helicopter.  There has been a certain amount of indignation about this, and in fact, a Reuters article from December 2008 that was written by David Alexander […]

Why anyone would want to go to North Korea is beyond me.  If you visit, you must be extremely careful about what you say and do – all the time.  You can’t let your guard down.  If you have business there, I suppose that’s a good reason, but frankly, I would get in and get […]

Ah, the beauty and tall majesty of the twin towers of the World Trade Center.  While it’s true they didn’t have the shapely appearance of, say, the Empire State Building, the fact that they were twin towers and, at 110 floors each, some of the tallest buildings in the world, made them impressive nonetheless. So […]

Just a little more than a week from now, voters in Scotland will decide whether to stay with the United Kingdom or become a completely independent country.  For the past two or three days I’ve been thinking of writing about this, but really couldn’t think of what, exactly, I wanted to say.  Then it hit […]

Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 disappeared off the radar on March 8th.  It may as well have disappeared off the face of the earth, given that we’ve gotten practically nowhere in finding answers to what happened.  The news coverage, naturally, dwindled to a trickle, then finally died away completely.  There may have been an occasional report […]

As Great Britain raised the terror threat level from “substantial” to “severe” yesterday, British Prime Minister David Cameron held a press conference outlining how he intends to respond to the growing threat from the Islamic State.  The prime minister said, “We’ve all been shocked and sickened by the barbaric murder of American journalist James Foley, […]

British intelligence services MI5 and MI6 have identified the masked terrorist with the British accent who brutally murdered James Foley last week as Abdel-Majed Abdel Bary, 23, of a well-to-do west London suburb.  Bary was formerly a rapper who reportedly received a fair amount of airplay on BBC Radio One under the name of L […]